The Conspirators

18 months old Palestinian toddler, Ali Dawabsheh, died last night in the West Bank village of Duma, following an arson attack on his family house. His parents and his older brother were critically injured.
An Hebrew graffiti on the scene, stating the word “Revenge” suggest that the attack was committed by Jewish extremists, in what some call a “Price Tag” action.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu, President Reuven Rivlin and other politicians were quick to firmly condemn the attack. But while many in the Israeli public are disgraced by the events, some feel very differently and are expressing their views on social media.

Indeed, the investigation to find the attackers is at initial stage. Yet, hours after the attack conspiracy theories started to appear online, suggesting the attack was a vendetta,  a result of an interior conflict in the village. “Zionist in My Soul” Facebook page is among the ones promoting this theory.

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“A rounded handwriting like in Arabic!”

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“Common’ – you ate my brain with this Arabush. Enough. A murdered Jewish kid doesn’t get one bit of that coverage”


Another surfer created a mocking film like poster, using the photo of Muhammad Abu Khdeir, a Palestinian teen that was burned alive last year by Israelis. “Now on cinema – playing in loops in TV channels – Abu Khdeir 2,” the title reads.  “hahahahah,” What an annoying face!!,” “looks like a gay” were some of the reactions to that post.


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Update (08/01/15 – 10:00am): The condemnation President Rivlin expressed was not accept by many surfers. In recent months, following some of Rivlin’s remarks about violence and racism in the Israeli society, curses, invectives and threats against him became very common. Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 9.51.32 AM

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