* Why Did Apple Take the Israeli Flag of Out Yosemite OS? (Quartz, 11/15/14)

* Why Does PM Netanyahu Promotes an Endless Series of National Security Crises? (The Nation, 09/25/14)

* U.S. Taxpayers Are Subsidizing Defense of Alleged Killers of Palestinian Teen (ProPublica, 07/10/14)

* The Iron Dome of Censorship: How Free Is Israel’s Media? (Mashable, 07/09/14)

* Selfie War: Lovers & Haters Take Middle East Conflict to Facebook (Fusion, 07/03/14)

* Exclusive: On Social Protest Anniversary, Turkish President Stays In $6,800 Hotel Suite, Wife Shops At Hermès (BuzzFeed, 06/02/14)

The American Treasury’s Support for Jewish Settlements in the West Bank (Harvard, Safra Center for Ethics, 13/09/26)

* Gloom of the Patriarchs: In Hebron the Settlers are at War – Over Rent (Haaretz, 07/07/13)

* Friends of the IDF Director Pulling in His Own Big Bucks (Haaretz, 03/24/13)

* Exposed: How Much Money Went Through Lapid Yair Ltd.(Haaretz, 03/16/13)

* Har Adar is Over The Green Line, But its Residents Don’t Like to be Called Settlers (Haaretz. 03/13)

* Israeli Taxpayers Built a House for Moshe Yaalon, Former IDF Chief  (Haaretz, 11/01/12)

* A deep Look into Nefesh B’Nefesh Organization : An Ineffective Monopoly with Overpaid Executives (Haaretz, 10/20/12)

* Ehud Barak’s New Neighbors Complain He’s Commandeered the Building (Haaretz, 10/05/12)

* Pay and You Will be Saved: The Stringent Code of Kabbalah Laam (Haaretz, 08/30/12)

* The Settler Behind Shadowy Purchases of Palestinian Land in The West Bank Exposed (Haaretz, 06/08/12)

* Inside the IDF, a Clash Over Israeli-Jewish Identity (Haaretz, 05/10/12)

* An Inside Look at Netanyahu’s Paid Advisers (Haaretz, 04/05/12)

* Audit of the Institute for Zionist Strategies Raises Questions (Haaretz, 02/23/12)

* The Broken Relationship of Late PM Rabin’s Family (Haaretz, 10/28/11)

* An Unholy Pedophile Ring Mess in the Holy City (Haaretz, 10/02/11)

* A Dancer Turned Abuser: A Cult’s Leader History Revealed (Haaretz, 08/26/11)

* Ferronikeli Mine – Israeli Black Hole in Kosovo (Haaretz, 08/12/11)

* A War Film – My Journey to the Shattered Childhood of My Father (Haaretz, 06/22/11)



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