Special Reporting Project
Find out How U.S.-Based Non-Profits Fund and Sustain Israeli Settlements in the West Bank.

From Buying Houses in East Jerusalem to Supporting Jewish Terrorists, This is where Tax-Exempt Dollars Ends. Special investigation supported by a grant from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting (December 2015|Haaretz English|Haaretz Hebrew|Washington Post|Pulitzer Center|Hebrew Magazine piece|Video Interview about the project)

The Sunny Side of Occupation  

Solar Energy Access Drives New Wedge Into Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Israeli settlers enjoy the benefits of renewable electricity, while Palestinians struggle to keep their homes lit|(11/06/15, TakePart|English)

Jerusalem on the Edge 

Rising wave of violence leaves Jerusalem’s bustling streets eerily empty. Watch my video and photos from Israel’s capital|(10/15/15, Mashable|English)

Selective Memory 

Dore Gold,  Foreign Ministry’s chief and Israel’s former ambassador to the United Nations paid a $52,500 penalty in 2009, a fact he denied during vetting for his current post|(08/13/15, Haaretz|English|Hebrew)

The Conspirators 

A Palestinian toddler in Duma village died last night in an arson attack, apparently conducted by extreme Jews. the investigation to find the attackers is at initial stage, Yet very soon conspiracy theories started to appear online, suggesting the attack was a vendetta,  a result of an interior conflict in the village|(07/31/15,|English)

״Abomination Parade”

“Shame he didn’t throw grenades over there” | Some of the reactions to stabbing attack in Jerusalem’s pride parade|(07/30/15,|English)

“Forever Pure”

Waiving Kahana flags, chanting “Death to Arabs” and yelling that “Gaza is a cemetery” | ‪‎Beitar‬ Jerusalem football fans videos revealed|(07/16/15,|Hebrew|English)

Big Brother II

Israeli Security Agency (Shabak) representatives visited Hacking Team offices and showed interest in buying the company’s spying program| They made sure they could protect their identity as users and asked to conduct changes to the program|Exclusive|(07/09/15,|English|Hebrew)

Big Brother

“Hacking Team” internal emails reveal that Israeli Police, Defense Ministry and Elta Systems showed interest in the company’s aggressive surveillance technology | Police showed interest in surveillance on Whatsapp messages, Viber and Facebook| MOD was interested in exporting data ability| Leaked emails also reveal “Nice Systems” was a client of the Hacking Team| Exclusive|(07/08/15,|Hebrew|English)

The Letter

On eve of 2014 Gaza war, casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson sent letter on behalf of the U.S.-Israel Business Initiative – of which Noble Energy is a member – asking to streamlining gas regulation in Israel; PM denies ‘promoting Adelson’s interests in any way’|Exclusive| (06/26/15, Haaretz|Hebrew|English)

The Grim State of Israeli Media

It seems as if some in the media in Israel, backed by some politicians, have taken an exit ramp off the free-press highway. They took a wrong turn and are traveling down a dangerous path. It’s hard to foresee any change. If anything, the results of the recent election threaten to worsen the situation. My take on the grim state of Israeli media|(05/27/15, The Jewish Week|English)

Life Expectancy

A company that owns ammonia tank at Haifa bay claims it is safe for at least 55 more years. So why is it so difficult to get the reports supporting that claim? The company spokesperson has some interesting answers |(05/25/15,|Hebrew)

The Coalition

As PM Netanyahu forms his new government, new details revealed on negotiations with his coalition parties and on nicknames he has for members of the parliament|(05/14/15,|Hebrew)

“Negative Publications”

Internal correspondences between Israel’s Infrastructure Ministry and the partners of ‘Tamar’ gas field revealed|(05/12/15,|Hebrew)

Senator Graham Uncensored

“Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula… Everything that starts with ‘Al’ in the Middle East is bad news”. Senator Lindsey Graham’s comments at an AIPAC dinner revealed|(05/05/15,|English)

Ethiopian Demonstrations in Israel 

Video of police beating exposes Israel’s rift with its Ethiopian Jews. An in-depth look of their community in Israel| (05/05/15,|English)

The Father, the son & the Donation from the Clintons  

New information regarding former Israeli president Shimon Peres business and Peace Center is revealed |(04/27/15,|English|Hebrew)

Netnayahu & the Sony Leaks

Leaked Sony emails reveal some surprising guest appearances. One of them is the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu|(04/16/15,|English)

The Thesis

Today anyone – anyone with a few million dollars to spare – can publish his own newspaper.” What was PM Benjamin Netanyahu take on the newspaper industry back in the days he was Benjamin Nitay, a student at MIT?|#Bibistory|(03/10/15,|English|Hebrew)

Nitay Days

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 11.13.43 PM

Born as Netanyahu, then changing his surname to Nitay and later back to the original: Now, documents related to his Nitay era are revealed|#Bibistory|(03/02/15,|English)

Recipient Unknown

Who stood behind account #831-33748-14-719 to which Benjamin Netanyahu transferred that money in 2002? The Prime Minister Refuses to Answer|#Bibistory|(02/23/15,|English)

Exclusive: Hapoalim Bank Chairman of Board, Former Israel’s Stock Market CEO & Leading TV Presenter Among Account Holders At HSBC

New information revealed about Israelis who held accounts at HSBC until 2007 (02/17/15, TheMarker|Hebrew|English)

PM Netanyahu’s Donors Funded an Anti Assimilation Organization Registered by Lehava Leader, Bentzi Gopstein

Members of the Miami based Falic family supported different causes in Israel via an Israeli based non-profit since 2007. Majority of the funds to arrived from Panama Based Companies (02/15/15, Haaretz|Hebrew|English)

“The Fools Should Get a Stick in Their Heads”

Dr. Guy Bechor heads the Middle East Division at the Lauder School of Government in IDC Herzliya. Read what he and other Israelis think on Kayla Mueller’s death (02/12/15,|English)

Exclusive Info Regarding Israeli Account Holders at HSBC

Among account holders: Shlomo Nehama, former CEO of Hapoalim Bank, Businessmen Lev Leviev, Doron Ofer, Dan Gertler, his father Asher Gertler & head of Israel’s Diamond Industry Shmuel Schnitzer. More to come (02/10/15, TheMarker|Hebrew)

Swiss HSBC Customers Exposed: 6500 Israelis Held Almost  $10 Billion in Their Accounts During 06′-07′

Bank owners and chairmans, football players, private and public company owners, internationally known diamond dealers, leading lawyers and 350 housewives are among the Israelis that kept their money at HSBC during 06′-07′. Exclusive information, in partnership with ICIJ SwissLeaks project  (02/08/15, TheMarker|English)

“I feel like going to the street and hand out sweets…”

Eight women died this morning in a car accident in South Israel when a truck carrying a tractor hit the bus their were riding. Read some of the comments people made once they found out the casualties were all Bedouins (02/03/15,|English)

“$10,000 Toward a $ 100,000 Fee to Pay Mr. Netanyahu to Speak at a Breakfast”

Sara Netanyahu allegedly kept thousands of shekels from deposits on empty state owned bottles. Judging by the quote above, taken from a court appeal, there is no need to open a charity fund on behalf of the Netanyahus |#Bibistory| (01/29/15,|English)

Calls to Boycott Israeli Bookstore Chain Over Canceled ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Sale

boycottThe decision of Israel’s largest bookstore chain, Steimatzky, to cancel an in-store launch and sale of the Charlie Hebdo French weekly’s ‘survivors’ issue, resulted in calls to boycott the chain itself (01/26/15,|English)

Yadlin’s analysis of Israel on October 2013: a pluralistic country surrounded by animals

Amos Yadlin, Labor’s candidate for defense ministr, was once the head of the IDF’s intelligence unit. It’s not obvious from his remarks on the state of Israel revealed here (01/20/15, Haaretz|Hebrew)

How Israeli Extremists Use WhatsApp to Incite Violence

Records show that members of “El-Yahud Revenge” Whatsapp group advocate vigilantism and violence in response to attacks on Israeli Jews ( 12/19/14, Mashable|English|Hebrew)

Leading Mideast Studies Group Allows Members to Support BDS

Israeli academics present at Middle East Studies Association’s AGM in Washington call the move unprecedented and a game changer (11/25/14, Haaretz|Hebrew)

Slim Fast Billionaire Fattens Wallet of Scandal-Plagued Former Israeli Prime Minister

A private foundation funded by the founder of Slim Fast paid tax deductible dollars to a consulting company owned by Ehud Olmert, an Israeli political figure accused of corruption (11/4/14, ProPublica & Haaretz|English|Hebrew)